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Adress: 28-KM Ferozepur Road,Lahore Pakistan


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PAKIHEIM is a rich profile ISO 9001:2008 cGMP compliant company, which takes pride in the manufacturing of high-quality medicines and has been ranked among one of the top National Units Regarding Quality Control monitoring facilities and elite standard of medicines.

Our pharmaceutical manufacturing unit is located at 28KM Feroze pur Road Lahore, (punjab,pakistan) in area 24 Kanal and the covered area is 55,000sq feet.

Pakheim manufactures a wide range of medicines including tablets, capsules, and dry suspensions, followed by cream, ointments, liquid syrups, and liquid injections, and dry injectable in near future.

The unit is approved by DRAP(Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan) and all other regulatory authorities. The company strictly follows all cGMP requirements and is ISO 9001:2008 certified.
PAKHEIMs team includes highly qualified, skilled experienced, and competent professionals who are devoted to the standards of FDA, WHO, and the other international authorities.


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